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Clamp Multimeter

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Fluke 1664 Fc Multifunction Tester Kit3i 117 Multimeter 325 Clamp Meter And More - $2,612.84

Fluke 1664 Kit3i Multimeter Fluke 325 And 1664 117 Multifunction Clamp Meter Fc Tester More Kit3i Fc More Multimeter Meter 1664 Fluke 325 Tester Clamp Multifunction 117 And

Fluke 1663 Multifunction Tester Kit3j 115 Multimeter 324 Clamp Meter - $2,227.78

Fluke 1663 115 Multifunction Multimeter Clamp Kit3j 1663 Meter Fluke Tester 324 Tester Fluke 324 Kit3j Clamp 115 1663 Multifunction Multimeter Meter

Fluke 1662 Multifunction Tester Kit3k 115 Multimeter 324 Clamp Meter - $1,856.48

Fluke 1662 115 1662 Multimeter Clamp 324 Kit3k Tester Fluke Multifunction Meter Clamp 324 Multimeter Kit3k 1662 Meter 115 Fluke Multifunction Tester

Fluke 87v Multimeter I410 Clamp Combo Kit - Ideal For Industrial Applications - $1,340.81

Fluke 87v I410 - 87v Clamp Ideal Kit Industrial For Combo Fluke Applications Multimeter Industrial 87v Fluke Clamp Kit I410 Multimeter - Combo For Ideal Applications

Kyoritsu Electrical Test Kit Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Voltage Tester, Soft Pouch - $1,059.13

Kyoritsu Electrical Test Kit Tester, Kyoritsu Pouch Voltage Meter, Soft Electrical Multimeter, Clamp Kyoritsu Test Soft Meter, Kit Multimeter, Electrical Pouch Clamp Tester, Voltage

Brand New Fluke-1587i400 Fc 2-in-1 Insulation Multimeter Wclamp - $1,093.48

Brand New New Multimeter Fc Insulation Fluke-1587i400 Wclamp Brand 2-in-1 Fluke-1587i400 2-in-1 Brand Insulation New Wclamp Multimeter Fc

Fluke 179 True Rms Multimeter Kitw,325 Clamp Meter,tlk-225 Suregrip And Custodia - $1,017.62

Fluke 179 179 Meter,tlk-225 Kitw,325 Rms Multimeter True Custodia Clamp And Suregrip Fluke Rms Custodia True Multimeter And Kitw,325 Fluke Suregrip 179 Clamp Meter,tlk-225

Fluke 289c With Coft Case Kch17 Handheld Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter Tester - $1,000.00

Fluke 289c Meter Multimeter 289c Fluke Case Kch17 Coft Clamp With Digital Tester Handheld Digital Coft Multimeter Kch17 Handheld 289c Fluke With Tester Meter Clamp Case

Fluke 179 True Rms Digital Multimeter Kitv 325 Clamp,wiha Screwdriver Set, - $935.11

Fluke 179 179 Screwdriver Rms Clamp,wiha Kitv 325 Multimeter True Set, Fluke Digital Digital 179 Screwdriver Multimeter Fluke True Clamp,wiha Kitv Rms 325 Set,

Fluke-1587i400 Fc 2-in-1 Insulation Multimeter Wclamp - $955.00

Fluke-1587i400 Fc Insulation 2-in-1 Wclamp Fc Multimeter Fluke-1587i400 Multimeter Fc Insulation Fluke-1587i400 2-in-1 Wclamp

Fluke 179 True Rms Digital Multimeter Kitu With 325 Clamp Meter And C115 - $852.60

Fluke 179 Digital And 179 Fluke Multimeter 325 Clamp Kitu Meter With True C115 Rms 325 Clamp And Digital Rms 179 Meter C115 Kitu Multimeter True With Fluke

1pc Hioki 3284 Acdc Digital Clamp Current Multimeter - $860.00

1pc Hioki 3284 Hioki Multimeter Digital 1pc Acdc Current Clamp Acdc 3284 Current Clamp Digital Hioki Multimeter 1pc

Fluke 1587i400 Fc 2-in-1 Insulation Multimeter With Clamp With Fluke Connect - $809.99

Fluke 1587i400 Connect Fc 1587i400 Clamp Fluke Fluke Insulation Multimeter With With 2-in-1 Fluke With 2-in-1 1587i400 With Clamp Connect Multimeter Fc Insulation Fluke

New Fluke 1587i400 Fc 2-in-1 Insulation Multimeter With Clamp Wfluke Connect - $799.95

New Fluke Multimeter Insulation 1587i400 Connect With 2-in-1 Clamp New Fluke Fc Wfluke New Multimeter 1587i400 Connect 2-in-1 Fluke With Insulation Clamp Wfluke Fc

Fluke 116 Multimeter Kit6m With 325 Clamp Meter Plus Leads, Thermocouple And Bag - $756.34

Fluke 116 Bag With Fluke Multimeter And Kit6m 116 Thermocouple Plus Leads, Clamp 325 Meter 116 Plus Fluke Kit6m Leads, 325 Meter Bag With Clamp Thermocouple And Multimeter

Fluke 773 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter Dmm Volttest Multimeter - $779.99

Fluke 773 Fluke Process Milliamp Dmm Volttest 773 Meter Multimeter Clamp 773 Multimeter Milliamp Clamp Fluke Meter Dmm Volttest Process

Fluke 773 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter Dmm Volttest Multimeter - $779.98

Fluke 773 Clamp Dmm Milliamp Fluke Volttest Multimeter 773 Meter Process Multimeter Milliamp Clamp Fluke Meter Process Volttest Dmm 773

Fluke 116 True Rms Multimeter Kitc + 325 Clamp Meter+tpak3 + 1ac+c115 Custodia - $715.08

Fluke 116 True Fluke 325 Clamp Custodia + Meter+tpak3 1ac+c115 116 Rms Kitc + Multimeter Meter+tpak3 Kitc Fluke Multimeter Clamp 116 Rms 325 1ac+c115 + True Custodia +

Fluke 117 True Rms Multimeter Kitk + 325 Clamp Meter+tpak3 + 1ac+c115 Custodia - $673.83

Fluke 117 1ac+c115 Multimeter Meter+tpak3 True Rms 117 Kitk + Fluke + Custodia 325 Clamp Kitk Clamp + Fluke + Rms Meter+tpak3 True 117 Custodia Multimeter 325 1ac+c115

Fluke 116 Multimeter Kit6l With 324 Clamp Meter Plus Leads, Thermocouple And Bag - $673.83

Fluke 116 Meter Thermocouple Bag Leads, 324 And 116 With Clamp Fluke Kit6l Multimeter Plus Plus 324 Multimeter And Meter With Thermocouple Fluke Bag 116 Clamp Kit6l Leads,

Fluke 1587 Fc Insulation Multimeter With I800 Ac Current Clamp - $699.95

Fluke 1587 Ac Fluke Insulation Fc 1587 Current Multimeter I800 Clamp With Clamp Insulation Fluke Multimeter Current With Fc I800 1587 Ac

Fluke 355 True Rms 2000 A Clamp Meter Multimeter New No Box - $699.95

Fluke 355 Fluke Meter Rms 2000 No Box 355 True Multimeter A New Clamp Fluke New Meter A No 2000 Multimeter Box Clamp 355 True Rms

Fluke 116 True Rms Multimeter Kitb + 324 Clamp Meter+tpak3 + 1ac+c115 Custodia - $646.33

Fluke 116 + Fluke True 116 324 1ac+c115 Meter+tpak3 Rms Custodia + Kitb Multimeter Clamp + Meter+tpak3 Clamp 116 Rms 324 Fluke + Custodia Kitb Multimeter True 1ac+c115

1pc Kyoritsu 2000 Digital Multimeter Acdc Clamp Tester - $666.37

1pc Kyoritsu 2000 1pc Multimeter Kyoritsu Tester Digital Clamp Acdc Kyoritsu Clamp Acdc Tester 1pc 2000 Multimeter Digital

Fluke 114 True Rms Multimeter Kit85 + 325 Clamp Meter+tpak3 + 1ac+c115 Custodia - $618.83

Fluke 114 325 True Rms 1ac+c115 Custodia Kit85 Fluke 114 Multimeter Clamp + Meter+tpak3 + + 1ac+c115 Custodia Fluke 325 Meter+tpak3 Rms Clamp True Kit85 Multimeter + 114

Fluke 117 True Rms Multimeter Kitj W324 Clamp Meter,tpak3,1ac And C115 Custodia - $611.94

Fluke 117 Clamp C115 Multimeter Custodia Rms 117 Kitj Meter,tpak3,1ac And Fluke W324 True Meter,tpak3,1ac True C115 117 W324 Rms Custodia Multimeter Kitj Fluke Clamp And

Fluke 87vimsk Industrial Digital Multimeter With Fluke I400 Clamp Meter Combo - $641.31

Fluke 87vimsk With Meter Combo Clamp I400 Fluke Digital 87vimsk Industrial Multimeter Fluke Meter Industrial 87vimsk Fluke I400 Fluke Combo Multimeter Digital Clamp With

Fluke 1587fci400 2 In 1 Digital Insulation Multimeter Kit Wclamp 1587 Fc - $625.00

Fluke 1587fci400 In 1587fci400 Fluke 1587 2 1 Fc Kit Multimeter Insulation Digital Wclamp 1587 Fc In Kit Wclamp Multimeter Insulation 1 1587fci400 Digital Fluke 2

Fluke 113 True Rms Multimeter Kit77 + 325 Clamp Meter+tpak3 + 1ac+c115 Custodia - $598.20

Fluke 113 1ac+c115 325 Meter+tpak3 + Custodia 113 Multimeter Kit77 True Clamp + Rms Fluke Multimeter Kit77 Custodia 325 Fluke 1ac+c115 Rms + + Clamp 113 Meter+tpak3 True

Fluke 115 True Rms Multimeter Kit93 + 324 Clamp Meter+tpak3 + 1ac+c115 Custodia - $577.56

Fluke 115 115 324 Multimeter Custodia Fluke Rms 1ac+c115 Meter+tpak3 Kit93 True + + Clamp 1ac+c115 Kit93 Rms Clamp True Multimeter 115 Fluke 324 + Custodia Meter+tpak3 +

Fluke 116 True Rms Hvac Multimeter Kita + 323 Clamp Meter + 1ac Ii + Tpak + C115 - $577.56

Fluke 116 True + C115 Rms Multimeter 323 + + 1ac Fluke Kita Meter 116 + Ii Tpak Hvac Clamp + 323 1ac Multimeter Hvac 116 Kita Tpak Ii Fluke True + C115 Meter Clamp + + Rms

Fluke 1587 Fc 4692725 Insulation Multimeter With Clamp - $600.00

Fluke 1587 With Fc 4692725 Clamp 1587 Multimeter Fluke Insulation Fc Clamp Fluke With Insulation 4692725 1587 Multimeter

New Fluke 376 Wireles True-rms Auto Clamp Meter Multimeter Tester Iflex Probe - $600.00

New Fluke Probe 376 Clamp Tester Iflex Multimeter New True-rms Fluke Auto Meter Wireles New Probe Multimeter Auto Tester Clamp Fluke Iflex 376 Meter True-rms Wireles

Fluke 113 True Rms Multimeter Kit76 + 324 Clamp Meter+tpak3 + 1ac+c115 Custodia - $529.43

Fluke 113 113 Multimeter + Fluke 1ac+c115 Rms Clamp + Custodia Kit76 True 324 Meter+tpak3 True Rms Kit76 1ac+c115 Meter+tpak3 + 113 Multimeter Clamp Custodia Fluke + 324

Fluke 117 True Rms Multimeter Kitp,323 Clamp,tpak3,1ac,tl175 Lead Set,custodia - $522.55

Fluke 117 Lead Rms True Multimeter Fluke 117 Set,custodia Kitp,323 Clamp,tpak3,1ac,tl175 Set,custodia Lead Fluke 117 Kitp,323 Rms Multimeter True Clamp,tpak3,1ac,tl175

Usa Seller Fluke 362 Handheld Digital Multimeter Clamp Meter 200a F362 - $135.99

Usa Seller Handheld 200a Digital Fluke Multimeter Clamp F362 Meter 362 Usa Seller Multimeter Fluke Meter Digital Clamp 200a Handheld F362 Usa 362 Seller

Fluke 902 Fc True Rms Ac Hvac Clamp Meter Multimeter Dmm + New Test Leads - $158.99

Fluke 902 Hvac Multimeter Test + Leads Clamp Fluke Fc True Meter Rms 902 New Dmm Ac Multimeter True Fc Clamp Fluke Ac Hvac + Rms Meter New 902 Dmm Test Leads

Fluke I410 Current Clamp Multimeter Accessory W Case - Cr - $109.99

Fluke I410 Case Current W - Cr Accessory Fluke I410 Multimeter Clamp Clamp - Current W Fluke Accessory Multimeter I410 Cr Case

Fluke-117323 Kit 400ac600dc Multimeter And Clamp Meter Kit - $214.95

Fluke-117323 Kit Kit Kit 400ac600dc And Clamp Multimeter Fluke-117323 Meter 400ac600dc Meter Fluke-117323 Clamp Kit Kit Multimeter And

Fluke 362 Handheld Digital Multimeter Clamp Meter True Rms Ac Dc Tester - $109.99

Fluke 362 Clamp Multimeter Handheld True Digital Dc Ac Fluke Meter Tester 362 Rms Multimeter True Handheld Clamp Rms Ac 362 Dc Tester Meter Fluke Digital

Klein Tools Cl1200 600a Clamp Multimeter No Wires - No Case [27c] - $99.99

Klein Tools Tools Clamp Wires 600a Cl1200 Multimeter No - [27c] No Klein Case No Case Multimeter [27c] Cl1200 Clamp 600a Tools - Wires Klein No

Fluke 302 Handheld Digital Clamp Meter Acdc Multimeter Tester Tool Detector - $94.04

Fluke 302 Detector Multimeter Meter Handheld Tester Fluke Acdc Digital 302 Tool Clamp Tester Digital 302 Multimeter Meter Clamp Acdc Handheld Detector Fluke Tool

Uei Test Instruments - Dl379b - Clamp Multimeter - $95.00

Uei Test Uei - Instruments Dl379b Multimeter - Clamp Test Multimeter - Clamp - Test Instruments Dl379b Uei

Fieldpiece Multimeter Sc260 True Rms Compact Clamp Meter With Leads - $121.50

Fieldpiece Multimeter True With Compact Leads Sc260 Meter Fieldpiece Clamp Rms Multimeter True With Leads Multimeter Clamp Rms Compact Meter Fieldpiece Sc260

Fluke 1587 Digital Fc Insulation Testing Multimeter With Tp165x - $346.37

Fluke 1587 1587 Fc Digital Tp165x Fluke With Testing Insulation Multimeter Digital Tp165x Multimeter Testing 1587 Fluke With Fc Insulation

Fluke 116323 Kit Hvac - Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Case, Tpak, Leads - $283.49

Fluke 116323 Clamp Kit Meter, - Case, Fluke Hvac Leads Multimeter, 116323 Tpak, Tpak, Case, Clamp Leads Hvac Multimeter, Meter, Kit 116323 - Fluke

Fluke 902 Fc 902fc Hvac Clamp Meter Digital Multimeter - $268.00

Fluke 902 902fc Fc Fluke Multimeter Digital Meter Clamp Hvac 902 902 Digital Meter Clamp 902fc Fluke Hvac Multimeter Fc

Uei Clamp Multimeter Dl379b In Black Case - $99.99

Uei Clamp Dl379b Black Uei Case Clamp Multimeter In Dl379b Uei Black Case In Clamp Multimeter

Fluke I410 Current Clamp Multimeter Accessory, Excellent - $156.99

Fluke I410 Clamp I410 Multimeter Current Excellent Accessory, Fluke Clamp Excellent Current I410 Accessory, Multimeter Fluke

Brand New Fluke 336 True Rms 600a Ac Dc Clamp Meter Current Amp Multimeter Dmm - $180.00

Brand New 336 600a True Multimeter Current Dc Brand New Dmm Amp Ac Clamp Fluke Meter Rms Ac Current Fluke 336 Amp 600a Multimeter Clamp True Dmm Meter Brand Dc New Rms

Fluke 1587 Fc 4692725 Insulation Multimeter With Clamp - $600.00

Fluke 1587 Fc Insulation Fluke 1587 Multimeter Clamp 4692725 With With Fluke Clamp Insulation 4692725 Multimeter Fc 1587

Klein Tools Cl1200 600a Ac Clamp Meter Multimeter Clampmeter New - $165.15

Klein Tools Tools New Clampmeter Ac Multimeter 600a Klein Meter Cl1200 Clamp Clampmeter Klein Multimeter Ac Tools 600a Meter Cl1200 New Clamp

Milwaukee Current Clamp 2236-40 Handheld Multimeter Digital With Storage Case - $131.48

Milwaukee Current Current Multimeter 2236-40 Digital Storage Clamp Handheld With Milwaukee Case Current Storage 2236-40 Multimeter Handheld Case With Clamp Digital Milwaukee

Fluke 375 True Rms Ac Dc Clamp Multimeter - $199.99

Fluke 375 True 375 Multimeter Fluke Ac Dc Clamp Rms True Fluke Dc Multimeter Rms Clamp Ac 375

Fluke 1587fci400 2 In 1 Digital Insulation Multimeter Kit Wclamp 1587 Fc - $625.00

Fluke 1587fci400 Kit Wclamp Digital Fluke 1587 Insulation 1 2 In Multimeter Fc 1587fci400 1587 Digital Fluke 2 Insulation 1 Wclamp Fc Kit Multimeter In 1587fci400

Fluke 902 Hvac Clamp Meter Multimeter True Rms W Leads And Case - Works Great - $159.99

Fluke 902 True Multimeter And Fluke Rms Meter 902 Clamp Great Hvac W Case Leads - Works 902 Hvac Clamp Works Rms - Great And W Meter Leads Fluke Case True Multimeter

Snap-on Clamp Multimeter 600v 400amp Sn 27350024 Cat 3 - $195.00

Snap-on Clamp Snap-on Cat Sn Clamp 400amp Multimeter 27350024 3 600v 600v 3 Snap-on 400amp Multimeter 27350024 Sn Cat Clamp

Fluke 902 Hvac Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter - $125.77

Fluke 902 Multimeter Clamp Hvac 902 Fluke Meter Digital Meter Fluke Digital Hvac Multimeter Clamp 902

Fieldpiece Hs35 Auto-ranging Multimeter With Ach4 Clamp, Bag, And Probes - $129.99

Fieldpiece Hs35 With Multimeter Hs35 Ach4 Fieldpiece Probes And Bag, Auto-ranging Clamp, Hs35 With Bag, Fieldpiece Multimeter Auto-ranging Ach4 Clamp, And Probes

New Kyoritsu 2000 Digital Multimeter Ac Dc Clamp Tester - $100.00

New Kyoritsu Multimeter Kyoritsu Digital New 2000 Dc Tester Clamp Ac Digital 2000 Kyoritsu Clamp Tester Multimeter Ac Dc New

Fluke 117323 Multimeter Multi Meter Clamp Meter - $269.99

Fluke 117323 Meter Multimeter Multi Clamp Fluke Meter 117323 Meter Meter Fluke Multi 117323 Multimeter Clamp

Fluke 902 Fc 902fc True Rms Hvac Temperature Clamp Meter Digital Multimeter Tool - $199.99

Fluke 902 Rms Meter Tool Clamp 902fc Temperature Hvac 902 Digital True Multimeter Fluke Fc Digital Tool 902 902fc Rms Hvac Fc Meter Clamp True Temperature Fluke Multimeter

Greenlee Cm-1300 Clamp Multimeter Ac 1000a - New - Open Box - $140.00

Greenlee Cm-1300 Ac - Clamp Greenlee 1000a Cm-1300 - Multimeter Open Box New Cm-1300 Box Greenlee New - 1000a Multimeter Ac Clamp - Open

Fluke 117323 Electricians Multimeter And Clamp Meter Combo Kit - $321.20

Fluke 117323 Multimeter Electricians Kit Meter Fluke Combo 117323 And Clamp Combo 117323 Fluke And Clamp Multimeter Meter Kit Electricians

Greenlee Cm-1300 Clamp Multimeter Ac 1000a - New - - $159.99

Greenlee Cm-1300 Clamp - Multimeter Ac Greenlee 1000a - Cm-1300 New Multimeter 1000a Clamp - Ac - Greenlee Cm-1300 New

New Fluke I1010 Clamp Multimeter - $350.00

New Fluke New Fluke Clamp Multimeter I1010 Clamp New I1010 Multimeter Fluke

Keysight Technologies U1212a Clamp Multimeter - $215.00

Keysight Technologies Multimeter Keysight U1212a Technologies Clamp Multimeter Clamp U1212a Keysight Technologies

Digital Multimeter Electrical Tester Multi Test Meter Clamp 600 Voltage 10 Amp - $119.00

Digital Multimeter Multimeter Meter Tester Amp Test Digital Voltage 600 Clamp Electrical 10 Multi Amp Multimeter Voltage Digital 10 Multi Meter Clamp Electrical Tester Test 600

Benning Digital Current Clamp Multimeter Cm 2 Cm2 - $128.60

Benning Digital Clamp Benning Cm2 2 Multimeter Cm Digital Current 2 Current Cm2 Multimeter Benning Digital Clamp Cm

Keysight Technologies U1212a Clamp Multimeter - $149.00

Keysight Technologies Clamp Technologies U1212a Multimeter Keysight Clamp U1212a Multimeter Technologies Keysight

Extech Tk430 Multimeter And Clamp Meter Kit - $123.59

Extech Tk430 Extech Tk430 And Kit Multimeter Meter Clamp Kit Multimeter Extech And Clamp Tk430 Meter

Fluke Multimeter And Clamp Meter Kit, Fluke-116323 - $298.20

Fluke Multimeter Kit, Clamp Multimeter Meter Fluke-116323 And Fluke Multimeter And Clamp Kit, Meter Fluke Fluke-116323

Electronic Specialties Digital Amp Clamp Multimeter 685 - $158.40

Electronic Specialties Specialties Electronic Amp Multimeter Digital 685 Clamp Specialties Clamp 685 Digital Amp Electronic Multimeter

Electronic Specialties Digital Amp Clamp Multimeter 685 - - $158.40

Electronic Specialties Electronic Multimeter 685 Clamp - Specialties Amp Digital Electronic Clamp Digital - Specialties 685 Multimeter Amp

Fluke 117 323 Multimeter And Clamp Meter Combo Kit - $219.99

Fluke 117 Fluke 117 Clamp Combo 323 Kit Multimeter And Meter Clamp 117 Kit Combo And 323 Fluke Multimeter Meter

Agilent U1192a Clamp Multimeter - $119.00

Agilent U1192a Multimeter Clamp Agilent U1192a Agilent Clamp Multimeter U1192a

High End Clamp On Multimeter Dcm268aeec2892 - $142.98

High End End Multimeter Dcm268aeec2892 On High Clamp End Multimeter On Dcm268aeec2892 High Clamp

Digital Clamp-on Multimeterthermometer Universal Enterprises Inc Dl279 - $145.00

Digital Clamp-on Dl279 Digital Inc Universal Clamp-on Multimeterthermometer Enterprises Dl279 Universal Clamp-on Digital Enterprises Multimeterthermometer Inc

New Armada Technologies Pro90 Automatic Clamp Multimeter 3002655403 - $114.99

New Armada New Armada Multimeter 3002655403 Clamp Technologies Pro90 Automatic 3002655403 Pro90 New Technologies Clamp Automatic Armada Multimeter

Fluke 902 Hvac Amp Clamp Meter Digital Multimeter With Leads - $149.99

Fluke 902 Hvac Amp 902 Clamp Multimeter With Digital Leads Fluke Meter Leads Meter Digital 902 With Hvac Clamp Fluke Amp Multimeter

Electronic Specialties Digital Amp Clamp Multimeter 685 - - $176.00

Electronic Specialties Electronic Clamp Amp - Digital 685 Multimeter Specialties - 685 Digital Electronic Multimeter Amp Clamp Specialties

Extech 380941 Mini Clamp Meter Multimeter 200a 400 Ohms Acdc - $149.95

Extech 380941 Acdc 400 Extech Clamp Meter Mini Multimeter 200a 380941 Ohms Acdc 400 380941 Mini Meter Multimeter Extech 200a Ohms Clamp

Multimeter T5-1000 Voltage Continuity Current Clamp Meter With Labloot Holster - $126.98

Multimeter T5-1000 Voltage Clamp Continuity Multimeter Meter T5-1000 Labloot Current Holster With Current Voltage Continuity Clamp T5-1000 With Multimeter Labloot Holster Meter

Fieldpiece Sc620 Digital Clamp Multimeter With Leads For Hvacr - $149.99

Fieldpiece Sc620 Fieldpiece With Digital Sc620 For Hvacr Leads Clamp Multimeter Clamp Digital With Sc620 For Fieldpiece Leads Hvacr Multimeter

Fluke 325 Clamp Multimeter Ac-dc Trms - $379.99

Fluke 325 Multimeter Ac-dc Fluke Trms 325 Clamp Fluke Trms Clamp Ac-dc 325 Multimeter

New Blue Sea 8110 Mini Clamp Multimeter - $184.27

New Blue Multimeter 8110 Clamp Blue Mini Sea New Sea Blue Multimeter Mini Clamp 8110 New

New Fluke Acd-14-pro 600 A Trms Clamp Multimeter - $165.00

New Fluke A 600 New Acd-14-pro Trms Multimeter Clamp Fluke Multimeter Trms Clamp New A 600 Fluke Acd-14-pro

Fluke 302 Digital Clamp Meter Acdc Multimeter High Electronic Tester Tools New - $94.04

Fluke 302 Meter Fluke Tools New Electronic Clamp High Digital 302 Multimeter Acdc Tester Tools Fluke Acdc Meter New Tester Electronic Multimeter Clamp Digital High 302

Extech 380926 Multimeter Clamp-on Trms - $225.43

Extech 380926 Trms 380926 Clamp-on Extech Multimeter Extech 380926 Clamp-on Trms Multimeter