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Unitron Microscope

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Unitron Microscope

Unitron Versamet 2 Inverted Microscope With Epi Mpl Objectives - $2800.00

Unitron Versamet Inverted Microscope 2 Mpl Versamet Epi Unitron Objectives With Objectives Mpl Epi Unitron 2 Versamet With Inverted Microscope

Unitron Mec2 Microscope - $2450.00

Unitron Mec2 Unitron Mec2 Microscope Microscope Mec2 Unitron

Lx Microscopes By Unitron 273rb-dmled-ho - Binocular Stereo Microscope With Dual - $2330.28

Lx Microscopes Unitron Stereo With - Microscope Lx By Binocular 273rb-dmled-ho Microscopes Dual - Lx With Dual 273rb-dmled-ho Binocular By Stereo Microscopes Unitron Microscope

Unitron Unimet 7634 Inverted Microscope With Epi Mpl Objectives - $1950.00

Unitron Unimet Objectives Inverted Unimet Epi With 7634 Mpl Unitron Microscope Epi 7634 With Unimet Microscope Mpl Inverted Objectives Unitron

Unitron Versamet 2 Inverted Microscope [b1] - $1799.00

Unitron Versamet 2 Versamet Unitron Inverted [b1] Microscope 2 Unitron Microscope Versamet Inverted [b1]

Unitron U-11 Stereo Industrial Microscope Metallurgical [2m-40.5] - $1250.00

Unitron U-11 Industrial [2m-40.5] U-11 Metallurgical Stereo Unitron Microscope Industrial Metallurgical Microscope U-11 Unitron [2m-40.5] Stereo

Unitron Tmd Microscope /mitutoyo Dial Gauge Hard To Find - $1200.00

Unitron Tmd Hard Tmd Microscope To Find Dial Gauge Unitron /mitutoyo Hard To /mitutoyo Gauge Dial Microscope Find Unitron Tmd

Digital Microscope W/ Unitron Projector Base, Crosshair Generator And Sony Monitor - $1099.99

Digital Microscope Crosshair Monitor Unitron Base, Projector Generator W/ Sony Digital And Microscope Crosshair W/ Projector Generator And Monitor Base, Digital Sony Unitron Microscope

Unitron Versamet 5316 Inverted Microscope Opti Quio 770 Epi Mpl Objectives - $999.99

Unitron Versamet Versamet 5316 Mpl Epi 770 Objectives Unitron Inverted Quio Opti Microscope Inverted Objectives Unitron 5316 Versamet Microscope Quio Opti 770 Mpl Epi

Buehler Unitron Unimet Inverted Microscope Metallograph - Nt21 - $999.98

Buehler Unitron Nt21 Microscope - Inverted Unimet Unitron Buehler Metallograph Inverted - Microscope Unitron Nt21 Metallograph Unimet Buehler

Unitron Versamet Microscope - $999.00

Unitron Versamet Unitron Microscope Versamet Microscope Versamet Unitron

Unitron Versamet-2 X-y Stage Inverted Microscope + Ae-1 Automatic Exposure Meter - $959.20

Unitron Versamet-2 Ae-1 Inverted Meter Unitron Exposure + Microscope Stage Versamet-2 X-y Automatic Ae-1 X-y Automatic Exposure Stage Inverted Unitron Microscope Versamet-2 + Meter

Unitron Ser. N Microscope W/ High Voltage Power Supply Model 55535 - Sold As Is - $950.00

Unitron Ser. Voltage Is Unitron Power Microscope - Supply N As Model Ser. Sold 55535 High W/ Sold Is Power Unitron - Microscope 55535 High Model Ser. As N Supply Voltage W/

Unitron Microscope Objective Lens Set Phase Contrast 10x 20x 40x Oil 100x No. 4 - $950.00

Unitron Microscope 4 Contrast Lens 100x Phase Oil Unitron Objective 10x Microscope 20x 40x No. Set Phase Microscope 10x Lens Oil 40x Unitron Objective 4 Set Contrast No. 100x 20x

Unitron Versamet Inverted Metallurgical Trinocular Microscope With Camera - $950.00

Unitron Versamet Versamet Camera Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Unitron With Microscope Metallurgical Unitron Microscope Camera Inverted With Trinocular Versamet

Unitron Neomet Metallurgical, Inverted Microscope, 5x 10x 20x 40x + Extras - $900.00

Unitron Neomet Inverted Neomet Metallurgical, 10x Microscope, 40x Unitron + 20x Extras 5x Metallurgical, 40x Unitron + Neomet Microscope, 5x 10x Extras Inverted 20x

Unitron Versamet Inverted Metallurgical Trinocular Microscope - $895.00

Unitron Versamet Unitron Inverted Metallurgical Trinocular Versamet Microscope Versamet Trinocular Inverted Microscope Unitron Metallurgical

Microscope Unitron Neomet Stage Inverted Metallograph Japan Optics As Is Tb-4 - $879.00

Microscope Unitron Metallograph Stage Is Inverted Tb-4 Neomet As Japan Unitron Optics Microscope Metallograph Unitron Neomet Stage Microscope Inverted Optics Is Japan Tb-4 As

Unitron Mec-7415 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope System W. Camera, Monitor - $850.00

Unitron Mec-7415 W. Monitor Metallurgical Inverted Mec-7415 Camera, Microscope Unitron System Unitron Monitor Mec-7415 Camera, Microscope Metallurgical System W. Inverted

Unitron U-11industrial Microscope Metallurgical Tons Of Extras - $800.00

Unitron U-11industrial Extras Unitron U-11industrial Tons Microscope Of Metallurgical Metallurgical U-11industrial Microscope Of Extras Tons Unitron

Excelis Au-600-hds Unitron 11.6 Hd Microscope Screen / Monitor 1920x1080 6mp - $749.95

Excelis Au-600-hds Unitron Hd / 11.6 Monitor Microscope 1920x1080 Screen 6mp Au-600-hds Excelis Monitor Unitron Excelis / 11.6 Hd 1920x1080 Screen 6mp Microscope Au-600-hds

Unitron Series N Microscope W/ Mpl Objectives [3d-22] - $700.00

Unitron Series Unitron Mpl Series W/ [3d-22] Objectives N Microscope Mpl [3d-22] Objectives Series W/ Unitron N Microscope

Unitron 3x Microscope With Two O Lamps Model 1188 - Sold As Is - $699.99

Unitron 3x Unitron Is Lamps Two 3x Microscope As Model O 1188 Sold With - Model Unitron - Microscope 3x O As Lamps Is Two 1188 With Sold

Nikon Unitron Microscope W/ Accessories And Lenses - $699.99

Nikon Unitron And W/ Microscope Nikon Unitron Lenses Accessories Microscope W/ Lenses Nikon Unitron Accessories And

Unimet Unitron 8459 Inverted Microscope Objectives Polaroid Film Holder - $695.00

Unimet Unitron Inverted Film Polaroid Objectives Microscope Unitron Holder 8459 Unimet Microscope Holder Polaroid 8459 Unitron Objectives Inverted Unimet Film

Unitron Toolmakers Microscope 10964 Binocular Dial Indicators - $675.00

Unitron Toolmakers Microscope 10964 Unitron Binocular Dial Indicators Toolmakers Unitron 10964 Toolmakers Dial Binocular Indicators Microscope

Unitron Polarizing Microscope Mps-2 4p/10p/40p Complete System - $649.00

Unitron Polarizing System 4p/10p/40p Polarizing Mps-2 Microscope Complete Unitron Polarizing Mps-2 System Unitron 4p/10p/40p Complete Microscope

Unitron Tms-2006 Tool Makers Microscope - $599.99

Unitron Tms-2006 Unitron Microscope Makers Tool Tms-2006 Microscope Unitron Tool Makers Tms-2006

Unitron Bi5-68 Ke15x Coated Ld20x T.l.215 20004 Ad Fd Microscope Toolmaker Lathe - $585.00

Unitron Bi5-68 Microscope Fd Ke15x Toolmaker Bi5-68 Lathe T.l.215 Ld20x Unitron Ad Coated 20004 Lathe Microscope Toolmaker Unitron Coated Ke15x Ld20x Ad 20004 Fd Bi5-68 T.l.215

Unitron Microscope Model Tcm-br No. 84079 - $559.99

Unitron Microscope Unitron 84079 Microscope Model No. Tcm-br Model No. Unitron Tcm-br Microscope 84079

Unitron Toolmakers Microscope Model 11296 - $550.00

Unitron Toolmakers Toolmakers Unitron Model Microscope 11296 Microscope Unitron Model 11296 Toolmakers

Unitron Tcs Pro 500 Microscope Tablet Au-500-pad - $550.00

Unitron Tcs Tcs Microscope Au-500-pad Tablet Unitron 500 Pro Unitron Tcs Au-500-pad Pro Tablet Microscope 500

Vintage Unitron Japan Inverted Compound Microscope Mic-1195 Great Shape - $529.99

Vintage Unitron Compound Great Inverted Mic-1195 Unitron Vintage Shape Microscope Japan Japan Unitron Shape Vintage Mic-1195 Microscope Compound Great Inverted

Unitron Zsm 200m Stereo Binocular Microscope Zf Series 0.6x-3x Used - $502.14

Unitron Zsm 0.6x-3x Microscope Unitron Zsm Zf Series Used Stereo Binocular 200m Series Binocular Unitron Used Microscope Stereo Zf 0.6x-3x 200m Zsm

Unitron Ser. N Microscope W/ High Voltage Power Supply Model 55535 - Sold As Is - $500.00

Unitron Ser. - W/ As Is High Model Supply 55535 Sold N Voltage Power Ser. Unitron Microscope W/ Model Microscope Sold N - Unitron As Voltage High Supply Is 55535 Power Ser.

Unitron Zst Stereozoom Microscope 7-45x Fiber Optics Illuminator And Boom Stand - $499.99

Unitron Zst Microscope Stand Optics Zst Unitron Fiber 7-45x And Boom Illuminator Stereozoom Illuminator Stand Fiber Microscope Unitron Zst Stereozoom Boom 7-45x And Optics

Unitron Z850 0.8 To 5.0x 45° Angle 630° Rotation Stereo Microscope. Tested - $479.20

Unitron Z850 Unitron Tested Angle Stereo 5.0x To Rotation 45° 0.8 630° Z850 Microscope. Tested 45° Z850 Unitron To Microscope. 5.0x Rotation Angle 0.8 Stereo 630°

Microscope Objective Unitron Epi Pl M20 Infinity Corrected Optics Bin11-dt-l - $465.00

Microscope Objective Infinity Pl Objective Corrected Epi M20 Optics Unitron Bin11-dt-l Microscope Corrected Microscope Optics Bin11-dt-l Unitron Epi Pl Objective Infinity M20

Unitron U-11 Stereo Industrial Microscope Metallurgical - $450.00

Unitron U-11 Industrial U-11 Metallurgical Stereo Microscope Unitron Stereo Industrial Unitron Metallurgical Microscope U-11

Optical Microscope Unitron Mk As Shown Optics Lobby - $450.00

Optical Microscope Mk Microscope Optics Lobby As Optical Unitron Shown Unitron Microscope Mk As Optics Lobby Optical Shown

Unitron Toolmakers Microscope Model 11296 - $450.00

Unitron Toolmakers Microscope Model Unitron Toolmakers 11296 Unitron Microscope Toolmakers 11296 Model

Comparison Microscope Splitter Head Assembly Unitron / Melles Griot - $439.98

Comparison Microscope Melles Splitter Microscope Comparison Head Assembly / Unitron Griot Assembly Melles Griot Unitron / Splitter Head Comparison Microscope

Unitron Zsm Stereo Binocular Microscope Zoom Range 0.6x-3x - $425.00

Unitron Zsm Binocular Zoom Stereo Range Zsm Unitron 0.6x-3x Microscope Stereo 0.6x-3x Zsm Microscope Zoom Binocular Unitron Range

Buehler Versamet-2 / Unitron 7007 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope - $408.00

Buehler Versamet-2 Unitron Inverted Buehler Microscope / Metallurgical Versamet-2 7007 Buehler Unitron Metallurgical / Versamet-2 Microscope 7007 Inverted

Unitron Series N No. 53935 Metallurgical Microscope - $399.99

Unitron Series N Metallurgical 53935 Microscope Series Unitron No. 53935 Unitron No. N Series Metallurgical Microscope

Unitron Union Microscope Part W/ Epi 170 Mf20/0.40 M40/0.65 Mf10/0.25 Mf5/0.10 - $399.00

Unitron Union 170 Epi W/ Mf20/0.40 Microscope Mf5/0.10 M40/0.65 Part Mf10/0.25 Unitron Union Union Mf10/0.25 170 Part W/ Unitron M40/0.65 Epi Mf5/0.10 Mf20/0.40 Microscope

Jm Unitron Diazoom Microscope Stand And Xy Stage - $375.00

Jm Unitron Microscope Jm Diazoom Stage Stand And Unitron Xy Diazoom Stage Jm Stand Xy And Microscope Unitron

Unitron 42143 Epi-pl M40/0.65 Examet Microscope Lens - $375.00

Unitron 42143 Microscope Lens 42143 Unitron Epi-pl Examet M40/0.65 Epi-pl M40/0.65 Microscope Lens Examet Unitron 42143