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Stratix Fpga

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Stratix Fpga

Usb Blaster Altera Cpld Max Fpga Stratix Cyclone Apex Flex Epc Jtag Niosii Debug - $9.78

Usb Blaster Cpld Stratix Usb Cyclone Fpga Debug Apex Flex Jtag Blaster Altera Niosii Max Epc Stratix Flex Apex Epc Altera Debug Usb Cpld Niosii Blaster Jtag Cyclone Fpga Max

1pcs Ep1s25f672c8n Fpga Stratix Family 25660 Cells 357.14mhz 130nm Technology 1. - $25.00

1pcs Ep1s25f672c8n Family Cells Technology 357.14mhz 1. Fpga 130nm Ep1s25f672c8n 1pcs Stratix 25660 Family Technology Fpga 1. 357.14mhz Cells 130nm 1pcs Stratix Ep1s25f672c8n 25660

New Altera Stratix Iv Gt Ep4s40g5h40i1n Fpga Unused/nos - $559.99

New Altera Iv Fpga Altera Gt Unused/nos Ep4s40g5h40i1n Stratix New Unused/nos Altera Gt Iv Fpga Ep4s40g5h40i1n Stratix New

Altera Ep1sgx40gf1020i6 Qty Of 1 Per Lot Fpga Stratixandreg Gx Family 41250 Cells 50 - $850.00

Altera Ep1sgx40gf1020i6 Altera Cells Qty Fpga Lot Gx Stratixandreg 41250 50 Of Family Ep1sgx40gf1020i6 1 Per Gx Stratixandreg Altera Of Qty 50 Lot Family 41250 Fpga Cells Ep1sgx40gf1020i6 Per 1

1pcs Ep1s60f1020c7n Fpga Stratix Family 57120 Cells 420.17mhz 130nm Technology 1 - $89.00

1pcs Ep1s60f1020c7n Ep1s60f1020c7n 1pcs 1 Technology 420.17mhz Stratix Cells 57120 Fpga Family 130nm Stratix Fpga Cells Technology Ep1s60f1020c7n Family 130nm 57120 1pcs 420.17mhz 1

Altera Fpga Dsp Development Kit Dk-dsp-2s60n Stratix Ii Ep2s60 Board - $1,000.00

Altera Fpga Dsp Stratix Ii Development Altera Fpga Ep2s60 Kit Dk-dsp-2s60n Board Stratix Board Fpga Ii Dk-dsp-2s60n Kit Development Ep2s60 Altera Dsp

Altera Intel Stratix V Fpga 5sgsmd5k2f40c2n Gx Series Component On Board - $850.00

Altera Intel Altera Fpga Intel Stratix Component 5sgsmd5k2f40c2n V Board Gx Series On On Altera Board Gx Fpga V Component 5sgsmd5k2f40c2n Series Stratix Intel

1pcs Ep4s40g2f40i2nab Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix Iv - $79.00

1pcs Ep4s40g2f40i2nab Programmable Stratix - Gate Iv Ep4s40g2f40i2nab Field 1pcs Fpga Array - Fpga Gate Field Fpga Programmable Ep4s40g2f40i2nab - Stratix Fpga Array Iv 1pcs -

1pcs Ep1s10f672i7n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix I 1057 La - $29.00

1pcs Ep1s10f672i7n Gate Ep1s10f672i7n 1057 Fpga Fpga Stratix 1pcs - Array I - Field La Programmable Fpga Gate - I 1pcs 1057 - Fpga Array Field Stratix La Ep1s10f672i7n Programmable

1pcs Ep1s80f1020c6n Fpga Stratix Family 79040 Cells 450.05mhz 130nm Technology 1 - $89.00

1pcs Ep1s80f1020c6n 79040 130nm Stratix 1pcs Ep1s80f1020c6n Cells Family 450.05mhz Technology 1 Fpga 1pcs Fpga 79040 Family Technology 450.05mhz 130nm Stratix 1 Ep1s80f1020c6n Cells

Gidel Fpga Board Stratix Ii 60 Proc2s60 Simulation Acceleration Stand-alone - $239.99

Gidel Fpga Board Fpga Stand-alone Simulation Stratix 60 Acceleration Ii Proc2s60 Gidel 60 Simulation Proc2s60 Stand-alone Ii Gidel Fpga Acceleration Stratix Board

New Altera Stratix Iv Gx Fpga Development Kit - $299.99

New Altera Stratix Development Altera Fpga Gx Kit Iv New Development New Kit Gx Iv Stratix Altera Fpga

1pcs Ep1s30f780c6n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix I 3247 La - $95.00

1pcs Ep1s30f780c6n Stratix 1pcs - 3247 Field Ep1s30f780c6n Programmable Array - I La Fpga Fpga Gate La Field Stratix 1pcs I Ep1s30f780c6n - - Array Fpga Programmable 3247 Fpga Gate

Altera Stratix Ii Gx Transceiver Signal Integrity Development Kit Ep2sgz90 Fpga - $750.00

Altera Stratix Integrity Signal Development Fpga Gx Kit Ii Altera Stratix Ep2sgz90 Transceiver Gx Ii Stratix Ep2sgz90 Signal Integrity Transceiver Development Kit Altera Fpga

Custom Fpga Board With Altera Stratix V And Cyclone V Soc Fpgas - $2,050.00

Custom Fpga Soc And With Board Fpga Fpgas Altera V V Custom Stratix Cyclone Altera Fpgas V Stratix And Soc With Board Fpga V Custom Cyclone

1pcs Ep1s25f672c7n Fpga Stratix Family 25660 Cells 420.17mhz 130nm Technology 1. - $35.00

1pcs Ep1s25f672c7n Ep1s25f672c7n Family 1pcs Stratix 25660 Cells Technology 420.17mhz 130nm Fpga 1. Cells Stratix Family 130nm Fpga 1. Technology 25660 420.17mhz Ep1s25f672c7n 1pcs

1pcs Ep2s15f672c5n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix Ii 780 La - $95.00

1pcs Ep2s15f672c5n La Array Fpga Ii Ep2s15f672c5n Stratix 780 Fpga 1pcs Field - Programmable - Gate Programmable Ep2s15f672c5n Fpga 1pcs Stratix 780 Fpga Ii Gate La - Array Field -

Altera Stratix Iv Ep4sgx230kf40c2n Fpga For Chip Recovery Gold Recovery - $99.00

Altera Stratix Recovery Ep4sgx230kf40c2n Recovery Iv Fpga Gold Stratix For Chip Altera For Altera Ep4sgx230kf40c2n Fpga Gold Recovery Iv Recovery Stratix Chip

Ep1s25f1020c6《fpga - Stratix I 2566 Labs 706 Ios》 - $1,673.00

Ep1s25f1020c6《fpga - Labs 706 I Ios》 2566 Ep1s25f1020c6《fpga Stratix - Labs Stratix - Ios》 2566 706 I Ep1s25f1020c6《fpga

1pcs Ep1s10f780c7n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix I 1057 La - $85.00

1pcs Ep1s10f780c7n - Gate Array Stratix Fpga Programmable Ep1s10f780c7n 1057 - 1pcs Field Fpga La I Array La 1pcs Gate 1057 I Ep1s10f780c7n Fpga Stratix - Field Programmable Fpga -

Ep2s60f1020c5n Altera Make Fpga Stratix X 1pc - $750.00

Ep2s60f1020c5n Altera Fpga Altera 1pc X Stratix Ep2s60f1020c5n Make 1pc Ep2s60f1020c5n Altera Fpga Stratix Make X

Yamaha Ymz284-d Dip-16 Stratix Ii Gx Fpga 60k - $12.20

Yamaha Ymz284-d Dip-16 60k Ymz284-d Ii Stratix Fpga Gx Yamaha Yamaha Gx Ymz284-d 60k Fpga Ii Stratix Dip-16

1pcs Ep2sgx60ef1152c3 Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix Ii Gx - $129.00

1pcs Ep2sgx60ef1152c3 Programmable Gate - - Field Array Fpga Ep2sgx60ef1152c3 Stratix Ii Fpga 1pcs Gx - Fpga - Programmable Stratix Fpga Gate Field Ii 1pcs Array Gx Ep2sgx60ef1152c3

New Altera Pn Ep2sgx60ef1152c5n Fpga Stratixandreg Ii Gx Family 60440 Cells 609.76mh - $756.00

New Altera New Ep2sgx60ef1152c5n Family Cells Stratixandreg Ii Gx 60440 Altera 609.76mh Fpga Pn 609.76mh 60440 Fpga New Cells Family Ep2sgx60ef1152c5n Pn Altera Ii Stratixandreg Gx

1 X Ep2s60f484c3 Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix Ii 3022 - $230.00

1 X Stratix 1 Programmable 3022 Field Gate Ep2s60f484c3 Fpga X Ii - Array - Fpga Stratix Array 3022 Fpga - Ep2s60f484c3 Field Gate X 1 Fpga Programmable - Ii

Lot 2 Unit Fpga Ep3sl340f1760c3n Field Programmable Gate Array Altera Stratix - $999.00

Lot 2 Array Field 2 Altera Lot Gate Ep3sl340f1760c3n Unit Fpga Stratix Programmable Lot Ep3sl340f1760c3n 2 Programmable Altera Fpga Gate Array Stratix Unit Field

1 Pcs Ep2s130f1020i4 Altera Fpga Stratix Ii 6627 Labs - $480.00

1 Pcs Pcs Stratix 6627 Ii 1 Labs Fpga Ep2s130f1020i4 Altera Fpga Altera 6627 1 Pcs Labs Ep2s130f1020i4 Ii Stratix

Ep1s25f780c6 Altera Fpga Stratix 25660 Cell 450.05mhz 130nm 1.5v 780-fbga Nos - $641.46

Ep1s25f780c6 Altera Nos Fpga Altera Stratix 780-fbga 130nm 1.5v 450.05mhz 25660 Ep1s25f780c6 Cell 1.5v Altera Cell 25660 Stratix Nos Fpga 780-fbga 450.05mhz Ep1s25f780c6 130nm

1pcs Ep1sgx40gf1020i6n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix I Gx - $99.00

1pcs Ep1sgx40gf1020i6n Stratix - I Gx - Fpga Ep1sgx40gf1020i6n Programmable 1pcs Gate Array Field Fpga - Field Gx Programmable 1pcs Ep1sgx40gf1020i6n - Fpga Fpga Gate I Stratix Array

Altera Ep1s25f780c7n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix I 2566 - $170.00

Altera Ep1s25f780c7n I Gate 2566 Stratix Fpga Altera Array Ep1s25f780c7n Field Programmable - - Fpga Array Fpga Fpga Stratix 2566 - Ep1s25f780c7n Altera I Field Programmable Gate -

1 X Pcs Ep2s130f1020c3n Fpga Stratixandreg Ii Family 1.2v 1020-pin Fc- - $230.00

1 X Fpga 1.2v Pcs Ii Fc- Stratixandreg X 1020-pin Family 1 Ep2s130f1020c3n Stratixandreg Family Pcs X Fpga Ii 1.2v 1020-pin Ep2s130f1020c3n 1 Fc-

1pcs Ep1s30f780c6 Encapsulationbgastratix Fpga 30k Fbga-780 - $18.93

1pcs Ep1s30f780c6 30k Encapsulationbgastratix Fbga-780 Fpga 1pcs Ep1s30f780c6 1pcs 30k Ep1s30f780c6 Fpga Fbga-780 Encapsulationbgastratix

1pcs Ep4sgx530nf45c2 Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix Iv Gx 2 - $159.00

1pcs Ep4sgx530nf45c2 - 2 Iv Fpga Gx Fpga Field 1pcs - Array Gate Ep4sgx530nf45c2 Stratix Programmable 2 Gx Gate Programmable Iv Fpga Array Ep4sgx530nf45c2 - - Field Stratix 1pcs Fpga

Stratix Ep1s40f780c8 Fpga Ep1s40 Fpga - Stratix I 4125 Labs 615 Ios - $179.00

Stratix Ep1s40f780c8 Stratix Fpga I - 615 Labs Stratix Ep1s40f780c8 Ep1s40 Ios 4125 Fpga Labs Ep1s40 Ep1s40f780c8 Fpga 615 Stratix - Stratix 4125 I Ios Fpga

1pcs Ep1s25f780c7n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix I 2566 La - $95.00

1pcs Ep1s25f780c7n Gate Fpga - Programmable Field Ep1s25f780c7n La 1pcs Fpga Stratix I Array 2566 - I - Stratix Array Gate Ep1s25f780c7n Programmable Fpga Field La 2566 Fpga 1pcs -

10x Altera Stratix V Fpga Field Programmable Gate Array 5sgxma5n2f45c1nac As-is - $699.99

10x Altera V Gate Fpga As-is Stratix 5sgxma5n2f45c1nac Field Programmable Altera 10x Array Gate V Array Fpga Programmable 10x Altera Stratix As-is 5sgxma5n2f45c1nac Field

1pcs Ep3sl340h1152c3n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix Iii 13 - $99.00

1pcs Ep3sl340h1152c3n 13 Stratix Array 1pcs - Iii Fpga Ep3sl340h1152c3n Programmable Fpga - Field Gate - Fpga Field Programmable Array 1pcs Ep3sl340h1152c3n Fpga Gate Stratix Iii 13 -

Nallatech 385n Stratix V Pcie Altera Fpga Accelerator Card Board Opencl 7809242 - $699.99

Nallatech 385n V Fpga Board Pcie Nallatech 385n Stratix Altera Accelerator Opencl 7809242 Card 385n Opencl 7809242 Card Fpga Accelerator Altera Board Nallatech V Stratix Pcie

1pcs Ep4sgx110hf35i3n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix Iv Gx - $99.00

1pcs Ep4sgx110hf35i3n Programmable Array Fpga Fpga Ep4sgx110hf35i3n Stratix Gate Gx Field 1pcs - - Iv Field Gate Fpga Stratix - 1pcs Fpga Programmable Array Gx Iv - Ep4sgx110hf35i3n

Altera Ep2s30f672c4 Fpga Stratix Ii Family 33880 Cells 711.24mhz 90nm Technolog - $249.00

Altera Ep2s30f672c4 Cells 90nm Family Altera 33880 Fpga Technolog Stratix Ep2s30f672c4 Ii 711.24mhz Altera Ep2s30f672c4 Stratix Fpga Family 90nm Ii Cells 33880 Technolog 711.24mhz

Altera Stratix Iv Gx Fpga Development Board / Kit New Open Box - $1,249.00

Altera Stratix Open Kit Development Board Altera Stratix Gx Iv Box / Fpga New Box Open Stratix Development / Kit New Altera Fpga Iv Board Gx

Altera Stratix Iv Gx Fpga Development Kit530 Editon. - $159.00

Altera Stratix Development Kit530 Fpga Altera Stratix Iv Editon. Gx Editon. Kit530 Development Gx Fpga Iv Altera Stratix

Analog Devices Dpg Dac Pattern Generator Evaluation Kit W/ Altera Stratix Fpga - $211.65

Analog Devices Pattern Fpga Dpg Evaluation Analog W/ Devices Altera Generator Kit Dac Stratix Analog Stratix Generator Evaluation Dac Kit W/ Pattern Altera Fpga Devices Dpg

1pcs Ep1s60f1020c6n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix I 5712 L - $95.00

1pcs Ep1s60f1020c6n Stratix Programmable Gate Fpga Fpga 5712 L Array 1pcs - Ep1s60f1020c6n - I Field Ep1s60f1020c6n - L Array 5712 Fpga Field 1pcs I Programmable Stratix Gate Fpga -

Altera Stratix V Mfr 5sgxma3k2f40c3n Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - $120.00

Altera Stratix Field Altera Programmable Array Mfr V 5sgxma3k2f40c3n Fpga Stratix Gate Stratix V Gate Mfr Array Field Altera Programmable Fpga 5sgxma3k2f40c3n

Ep4s100g2f40c2es1 - Altera - New Fpga - Stratix Iv Gt 654 Ios - $1,200.00

Ep4s100g2f40c2es1 - Fpga - Ep4s100g2f40c2es1 - Iv - Ios 654 New Stratix Altera Gt Iv Altera Gt Ios 654 - Stratix Fpga New - Ep4s100g2f40c2es1 -

1pcs Ep2s30f484i4n Ep2s30f48414n Stratix Ii Fpga Bga Ic Chip - $27.67

1pcs Ep2s30f484i4n Ic Ep2s30f48414n Chip Bga Stratix 1pcs Fpga Ii Ep2s30f484i4n 1pcs Fpga Ep2s30f484i4n Bga Chip Ep2s30f48414n Stratix Ii Ic

Nallatech 385n Stratix V Pcie Altera Fpga Accelerator Card Board Opencl - $749.00

Nallatech 385n Accelerator Opencl Stratix Fpga Altera Pcie V 385n Card Nallatech Board Board Nallatech Pcie Opencl Altera Card Fpga Accelerator Stratix V 385n

1pcs Ep1s10f780i6n Fpga - Field Programmable Gate Array Fpga - Stratix I 1057 La - $99.00

1pcs Ep1s10f780i6n 1pcs Programmable Gate Ep1s10f780i6n 1057 La Stratix Array - Fpga Fpga - I Field - Ep1s10f780i6n Stratix Programmable 1pcs Fpga Field La - Fpga Array I Gate 1057

Ep3se80f1152c4n Series Stratix 3 E Ic Fpga 744io - $499.00

Ep3se80f1152c4n Series 3 E 744io Ic Ep3se80f1152c4n Fpga Stratix Series E Ic Ep3se80f1152c4n Stratix 3 744io Series Fpga