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Olympus Bx-41 Lab Microscope With Marzhauser Wetzlar Controller U-tr30-2 - $1871.35

Olympus Bx-41 Bx-41 Marzhauser With Controller Wetzlar Olympus Lab U-tr30-2 Microscope Marzhauser With Olympus Microscope U-tr30-2 Lab Controller Bx-41 Wetzlar

Marzhauser Wetzlar Scan 300x300 S208 Scanning Stages , 2mm Spindel Pitch - $1799.00

Marzhauser Wetzlar Marzhauser , Pitch S208 Wetzlar Scanning Spindel Scan Stages 2mm 300x300 2mm Scanning 300x300 S208 Spindel Wetzlar Marzhauser , Scan Pitch Stages

Marzhauser Sensotech Tango 2 Desktop With 2-axes Joystick,used - $1799.00

Marzhauser Sensotech Desktop Joystick,used With Sensotech 2 Marzhauser 2-axes Tango Marzhauser With 2-axes Tango Desktop 2 Joystick,used Sensotech

Marzhauser Wetzlar 75/25 Motorized Microscope Stage With Clemex Js-2000 Contr - $1750.00

Marzhauser Wetzlar Contr Stage 75/25 Motorized Wetzlar Microscope Marzhauser Clemex Js-2000 With With 75/25 Microscope Wetzlar Marzhauser Motorized Contr Stage Clemex Js-2000

Marzhauser Wetzlar Stage 130x85 - $1500.00

Marzhauser Wetzlar Marzhauser Wetzlar Stage 130x85 130x85 Marzhauser Stage Wetzlar

Marzhauser 31-27-305-0000 Ek 40x40 Mot-dm Irbe X-y Scanning Stage 2935 - $1500.00

Marzhauser 31-27-305-0000 Marzhauser Mot-dm Stage Irbe 31-27-305-0000 X-y Ek Scanning 2935 40x40 Mot-dm 40x40 Stage 2935 Irbe Ek Marzhauser X-y 31-27-305-0000 Scanning

Marzhauser Wetzlar Manual Microscope Stage Used - $1499.99

Marzhauser Wetzlar Marzhauser Microscope Wetzlar Stage Used Manual Wetzlar Stage Manual Used Marzhauser Microscope

Marzhauser Wetzler Motorized Stage Scan 130x85 Piezodrive For Zeiss Microscope - $1200.00

Marzhauser Wetzler Stage Motorized Microscope 130x85 Marzhauser Zeiss Piezodrive Scan For Wetzler Zeiss Stage Piezodrive Motorized Microscope Marzhauser For Scan 130x85 Wetzler

Marzhauser Wetzler Motorized Stage Scan 65x50 Dc For Zeiss Axioplan-2 Microscope - $1200.00

Marzhauser Wetzler Zeiss 65x50 Microscope Scan For Axioplan-2 Stage Marzhauser Wetzler Motorized Dc Stage Zeiss For Microscope Marzhauser Axioplan-2 Motorized Dc 65x50 Scan Wetzler

Marzhauser 00-24-404-0000 Scan 100x100 Scanning Stage For Upright Microscope - $880.00

Marzhauser 00-24-404-0000 For Scan Stage 100x100 Upright Scanning Microscope Marzhauser 00-24-404-0000 Microscope Upright Stage For 100x100 Marzhauser Scanning 00-24-404-0000 Scan

Marzhauser Scd-5.1 Sensor Control Display Scd - $805.00

Marzhauser Scd-5.1 Display Marzhauser Scd-5.1 Control Scd Sensor Control Scd Display Marzhauser Sensor Scd-5.1

Marzhauser Wetzlar Mfd - $750.00

Marzhauser Wetzlar Marzhauser Wetzlar Mfd Mfd Marzhauser Wetzlar

Marzhauser Mm33 Micromanipulator W/ Tilting Device // Right Sided // Wpi M3301r - $699.00

Marzhauser Mm33 Mm33 Right Micromanipulator Wpi W/ Tilting // Device M3301r // Marzhauser Sided Tilting // Marzhauser Right // Wpi W/ Device Mm33 M3301r Micromanipulator Sided

Marzhauser Mm33 Micromanipulator W/ Tilting Device // Left Sided // Wpi M3301l - $699.00

Marzhauser Mm33 Sided W/ Tilting Device M3301l Micromanipulator Left Wpi // // Mm33 Marzhauser // Marzhauser Micromanipulator Mm33 Device W/ Tilting Left M3301l Wpi Sided //

Marzhauser Wetzlar Scan Top 130x100 Motorized Stage For Smartzoom 5 - $695.00

Marzhauser Wetzlar Smartzoom For Wetzlar Marzhauser Stage Scan Motorized Top 130x100 5 130x100 Scan Smartzoom Motorized Top Stage Marzhauser Wetzlar 5 For

New Marzhauser Wetzlar Sensotech Gmbh Dsu-1 - $639.99

New Marzhauser Gmbh Marzhauser Dsu-1 Wetzlar New Sensotech Marzhauser New Dsu-1 Sensotech Wetzlar Gmbh

Ala Marzhauser Wetzlar Ergonomical Micromanipulator Mm-33 Microscope Micro Lza - $630.00

Ala Marzhauser Ergonomical Micro Mm-33 Lza Micromanipulator Wetzlar Marzhauser Ala Microscope Wetzlar Ergonomical Micro Micromanipulator Marzhauser Ala Microscope Mm-33 Lza

Marzhauser Sensor Control Display Scd 7.5v 3 Watt-1 Year Warranty - $499.00

Marzhauser Sensor Control Watt-1 Scd Sensor Marzhauser Warranty 7.5v Year Display 3 3 Marzhauser Sensor Warranty 7.5v Display Year Scd Control Watt-1

Marzhauser Wetzlar Scan Series 100x80 Microscope Stage For Upright Microscopes - $449.97

Marzhauser Wetzlar For Series Microscopes Wetzlar Scan Marzhauser Stage 100x80 Microscope Upright 100x80 Upright Microscopes Series Wetzlar Stage Microscope For Marzhauser Scan

Oxford Cryosystems Marzhauser Wetzlar Micromanipulator Manipulator Micro Arm - $430.00

Oxford Cryosystems Arm Oxford Cryosystems Micromanipulator Micro Marzhauser Wetzlar Manipulator Marzhauser Micro Wetzlar Oxford Arm Manipulator Cryosystems Micromanipulator

Marzhauser Sensor Control Display Scd - $350.00

Marzhauser Sensor Sensor Display Control Scd Marzhauser Sensor Control Scd Display Marzhauser

Marzhauser Stm 3 Stm3 Stage Controller / Joystick - $310.61

Marzhauser Stm Stm Controller 3 / Joystick Stm3 Marzhauser Stage Stage Controller Stm3 3 Marzhauser Stm / Joystick

Marzhauser Sk 3c Series Precision Laser Microscope Stage Xy Axis Ek 11341 E13 - $250.00

Marzhauser Sk Ek Axis Marzhauser E13 Laser Series Xy 11341 3c Microscope Stage Precision Sk Xy Sk Series Ek Microscope E13 Marzhauser 11341 Laser Stage Axis 3c Precision

Narashige / Marzhauser Micromanipulator Compononents // Microscope - $179.00

Narashige / // Microscope Narashige / Micromanipulator Compononents Marzhauser Marzhauser Micromanipulator Microscope // Compononents / Narashige

Marzhauser 10x6 Microscope Stage For Zeiss Universal/photomicroscope - $100.00

Marzhauser 10x6 Marzhauser Stage Zeiss 10x6 For Universal/photomicroscope Microscope Marzhauser Zeiss Microscope 10x6 Universal/photomicroscope For Stage