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Advantest Q8344a Optical Spectrum Analyzer - $1,500.00

Advantest Q8344a Optical Q8344a Advantest Spectrum Analyzer Analyzer Q8344a Spectrum Optical Advantest

Advantest R3132 Spectrum Analyzer 9khz To 3ghz By Dhl Or Ems W/90 Warranty Xh - $1,799.00

Advantest R3132 R3132 W/90 Warranty 3ghz To Ems By Spectrum Or Xh Advantest Analyzer 9khz Dhl R3132 Or Xh Warranty Spectrum Analyzer To 9khz Ems W/90 Advantest Dhl By 3ghz

Advantest Bes-032124x04 Liquid Cooled Processor Pcb Card Ead T2000 As-is - $1,503.21

Advantest Bes-032124x04 Advantest Processor T2000 As-is Ead Pcb Bes-032124x04 Cooled Liquid Card Card Advantest Processor Pcb As-is Bes-032124x04 T2000 Ead Liquid Cooled

Advantest R3271a 100hz - 26.5ghz Spectrum Analyzer - $1,495.00

Advantest R3271a - R3271a 100hz Spectrum 26.5ghz Analyzer Advantest Analyzer Advantest - 100hz Spectrum R3271a 26.5ghz

Sun Sparc Force Computer Kh3-6679 Agb-vme 540-2678-03 R7x766 431597 Advantest - $1,499.99

Sun Sparc 540-2678-03 Sun 431597 R7x766 Computer Sparc Agb-vme Force Kh3-6679 Advantest Sun R7x766 431597 Agb-vme Kh3-6679 Force Sparc Computer 540-2678-03 Advantest

Advantest/versatest Brd-v1890 V1000 Pps/pmu Plug-in Module Board Assembly - $1,424.99

Advantest/versatest Brd-v1890 Module V1000 Advantest/versatest Board Brd-v1890 Pps/pmu Assembly Plug-in Brd-v1890 V1000 Board Assembly Pps/pmu Advantest/versatest Module Plug-in

Advantest R3261a Spectrum Analyzer 9 Khz-2.6 Ghz - $1,499.99

Advantest R3261a R3261a Analyzer 9 Khz-2.6 Advantest Spectrum Ghz R3261a Spectrum Advantest 9 Ghz Khz-2.6 Analyzer

Advantest Bgr-030239 Bea Timing Pcb Card T2000 Soc Test System Working Spare - $1,502.21

Advantest Bgr-030239 Spare Pcb Card T2000 Test Bea Working Advantest Bgr-030239 System Timing Soc Bea Bgr-030239 Soc Spare System Card Timing Advantest T2000 Pcb Working Test

Normal Working Works Advantest 8230 82314w 100mw Optical Power Meter - $1,748.52

Normal Working Meter Advantest Optical Working Power 8230 82314w 100mw Normal Works Optical Works Working 82314w Power Advantest 8230 Meter Normal 100mw

Agilent E9711-61051 Verigy Advantest 93000 / E9711-66502 / E9711-69511 - $1,500.00

Agilent E9711-61051 93000 E9711-66502 Advantest Verigy Agilent / E9711-69511 / E9711-61051 93000 E9711-69511 E9711-61051 Verigy Agilent E9711-66502 Advantest / /

Advantest_ R3765cg Network Analyzer 300khz-3.8ghz Defected Unit 0835_q - $1,600.00

Advantest_ R3765cg 300khz-3.8ghz Unit R3765cg Defected Advantest_ 0835_q Network Analyzer R3765cg Defected 0835_q Analyzer Unit Advantest_ Network 300khz-3.8ghz

Advantest Q8221 Q82208 Used And Tested With Warranty Free Dhl Or Ems - $1,574.98

Advantest Q8221 Warranty Or Q8221 Used And Free Tested Q82208 Advantest Dhl With Ems With Used Warranty Tested Advantest Or Q82208 And Free Dhl Q8221 Ems

Bgr-019486 / Boarddc H / Advantest - $1,800.62

Bgr-019486 / Boarddc H Advantest / Bgr-019486 / Advantest Boarddc Bgr-019486 / H /

Bir-021765 / Board Alpg Hp / Advantest - $1,800.62

Bir-021765 / Advantest Bir-021765 Hp / / Alpg Board Hp Alpg Board Bir-021765 / / Advantest

Advantest R17051 Automatic Calibration Kit - $1,530.00

Advantest R17051 Advantest Calibration Automatic Kit R17051 Kit Automatic Advantest R17051 Calibration

Bir-026355 / Pcb Option Pe T5585 / Advantest - $1,800.62

Bir-026355 / T5585 Bir-026355 / / Advantest Pcb Pe Option / Advantest T5585 Option Bir-026355 Pcb / Pe

Advantest Bgr-021800 Pir-j21800bb22 Board From Advantest T5581h - $1,763.30

Advantest Bgr-021800 T5581h Bgr-021800 Advantest Advantest Board Pir-j21800bb22 From T5581h From Advantest Board Advantest Pir-j21800bb22 Bgr-021800

Normal Working Works Advantest Tr17201 200hz-35mhz Active Antenna - $1,780.25

Normal Working Working Active Normal 200hz-35mhz Advantest Tr17201 Antenna Works Normal Working 200hz-35mhz Active Advantest Antenna Tr17201 Works

Advantest Bgr-030242 Aec Processor Pcb Card T2000 Soc Test System Working Spare - $1,502.21

Advantest Bgr-030242 Test Advantest Working Processor Spare Pcb Soc Card System Bgr-030242 Aec T2000 Pcb Advantest Test Spare Card Processor System Working Bgr-030242 T2000 Soc Aec

Advantest Tq8325 Digital Optical Wavelength Meter/tested Working - $1,800.00

Advantest Tq8325 Tq8325 Advantest Optical Working Digital Wavelength Meter/tested Tq8325 Advantest Meter/tested Working Wavelength Optical Digital

Normal Working Works Advantest Tr17201 200hz-35mhz Active Antenna - $1,748.52

Normal Working Advantest Active Antenna Works Working Normal 200hz-35mhz Tr17201 200hz-35mhz Antenna Advantest Normal Active Tr17201 Working Works

Advantest Bgr-016797 Pgr-616797ff66 Board From Advantest T5581h - $1,763.30

Advantest Bgr-016797 Bgr-016797 T5581h From Pgr-616797ff66 Board Advantest Advantest Pgr-616797ff66 From T5581h Bgr-016797 Advantest Board Advantest

Advantest R3361c Spectrum Analyzer [b1] - $1,699.00

Advantest R3361c R3361c [b1] Advantest Spectrum Analyzer Advantest [b1] Analyzer R3361c Spectrum

Advantest Bgr-021718 Pgr-g21718cc33 Board From Advantest T5581h - $1,763.30

Advantest Bgr-021718 Pgr-g21718cc33 From Advantest Board T5581h Bgr-021718 Advantest T5581h Advantest Bgr-021718 Pgr-g21718cc33 From Board Advantest

Advantest R3465 Modulation Spectrum Analyzer 9khz-8ghz - $1,480.00

Advantest R3465 9khz-8ghz Spectrum Advantest R3465 Analyzer Modulation 9khz-8ghz Spectrum Modulation R3465 Advantest Analyzer

Advantest Bgr-030087 Bhc Processor Pcb Card Sl5111a-2102 T2000 Working Surplus - $1,502.21

Advantest Bgr-030087 T2000 Sl5111a-2102 Surplus Pcb Bgr-030087 Card Processor Working Bhc Advantest Pcb Advantest Working Bhc Processor Sl5111a-2102 Surplus Bgr-030087 T2000 Card

Agilent Advantest E8001-68512 Rev102 Verigy E8001-26512 Board - $1,500.00

Agilent Advantest Rev102 E8001-26512 E8001-68512 Agilent Advantest Verigy Board Verigy Agilent E8001-68512 Rev102 Advantest E8001-26512 Board

Advantest R6581t Dimm - $1,500.00

Advantest R6581t Dimm R6581t Advantest R6581t Dimm Advantest

Bm003859-375 / Master Controller Iss Bm003860 Ce003861 / Advantest - $1,600.00

Bm003859-375 / Controller Bm003860 / Master Advantest / Iss Bm003859-375 Ce003861 Ce003861 Iss / / Bm003859-375 Advantest Master Bm003860 Controller

Advantest Aaarq-00054 Power Source Assembly Remanufactured Vis54_e - $1,795.00

Advantest Aaarq-00054 Assembly Source Remanufactured Advantest Power Vis54_e Aaarq-00054 Power Source Aaarq-00054 Remanufactured Vis54_e Assembly Advantest

Advantest Tr3110 Frequency Standard - $1,800.00

Advantest Tr3110 Standard Frequency Advantest Tr3110 Frequency Advantest Tr3110 Standard

Agilent/advantest E7002-69591 Nfts Tbr Board For Soc 93000 - $1,800.00

Agilent/advantest E7002-69591 Tbr For Nfts 93000 E7002-69591 Soc Agilent/advantest Board 93000 Tbr Nfts For E7002-69591 Board Agilent/advantest Soc

Advantest U3641 Spectrum Analyzer - $1,620.00

Advantest U3641 U3641 Analyzer Advantest Spectrum Spectrum Analyzer Advantest U3641

Advantest Board Bir-026805 - $1,700.00

Advantest Board Advantest Bir-026805 Board Board Advantest Bir-026805

Advantest Tr3110 Frequency Standard Tr-3110 - $1,480.00

Advantest Tr3110 Advantest Tr3110 Tr-3110 Standard Frequency Frequency Tr3110 Advantest Standard Tr-3110

Advantest H9-99971 H3-93371 Robot Motor Controller T6671e Frequency Drive - $1,799.99

Advantest H9-99971 H9-99971 Motor H3-93371 Robot Controller Advantest Drive T6671e Frequency H9-99971 Advantest Robot H3-93371 Motor Drive Frequency T6671e Controller

Advantest Bgr-021613 Pgr-a21613cc33 Board From Advantest T5581h - $1,763.30

Advantest Bgr-021613 Board From Advantest Bgr-021613 Pgr-a21613cc33 T5581h Advantest Board T5581h From Advantest Pgr-a21613cc33 Advantest Bgr-021613

Advantest Bir-021764 Pir-j21764bb22 Board From Advantest T5581h - $1,595.30

Advantest Bir-021764 From Advantest T5581h Advantest Board Pir-j21764bb22 Bir-021764 From Board T5581h Advantest Bir-021764 Pir-j21764bb22 Advantest

Adcmt Advantest 8252 R8252 Digital Electrometer - $1,499.00

Adcmt Advantest Digital Electrometer Advantest 8252 R8252 Adcmt Adcmt Advantest Digital 8252 Electrometer R8252

Advantest Bgr-021926 Pgr-a21926bc32 Board From Advantest T5581h - $1,765.00

Advantest Bgr-021926 Advantest Pgr-a21926bc32 Board Bgr-021926 T5581h From Advantest Advantest T5581h Pgr-a21926bc32 Board Advantest From Bgr-021926